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There Is so Much Good On the Internet

Really when you stop and take stock of the vast sea of information that is available to everyone online, you will find there is a huge amount of good there. Yes, like anything and anywhere else there are also evil and weirdos. It is really up to those who believe in the good that we make it stronger and more prevalent than the bad. We should be Warriors for the Good!

Be Aware

In fact sometimes even the bad can be used for good for example with social media and being able to expose our enemies and their nefarious activities. Ban them? No because ever hear the saying it is best to ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer?’ Someday all the filth will be gone but it may be a long time from now so we have to learn to exist without becoming a victim in any way – whether by fraud or worse.

The Internet is already building quite a negative reputation with and without go

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The First Internet Marketing Social Networks – Business Opportunity Forums

Long before Web2.0 and the advent of social networks, one of the best places to network on the Internet was business forums. What is more, in spite of the huge surge in social networking sites, a forum is still more conducive to a focused group discussion.

first social nets = forums

When someone starts a topic or thread in a business forum, with either a question or an observation, this will likely generate a conversation. This conversation can be very informative because people can see both the question and the answer and at the same time see feedback/opinions. The discussion can also get very lively as each person who participates in the thread adds his or her feedback and so on.

A business opportunity forum is still a great place to network and meet people online. You have something in common with them, as far as they are also participating in and promoting business opportuni

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How to Use Viral Marketing

We must always cultivate any creative instincts we may have. It could be just that little idea you have that could set you apart from the pack. The bottom line is that It doesn’t matter if you have a superior product or a fabulous website. Unless people know that your website or company exists, you are not going to get the traffic you need to start converting sales.

you catch it!

There are many techniques and schemes being used with varying levels of success, there are still some concepts that can actually help you with an extra boost in traffic that will make a real difference. One of these is Viral Marketing.

The term ‘Viral’ usually depicts a virus, which has a few negative connotations. These range from an infectious illness in humans to contagious computer malware programs. However there is another more positive meaning you need to consider. In the same sense but f

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