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There Is Always Something New and Exciting!

That may be true for the world in general, particularly with ‘tech’ – every day a new phone, or something is faster. I am still waiting for a PC that delivers donuts and coffee but they seem to be lagging on that. Anyway, it’s part of what makes life exciting and makes each generation of kids more and more intelligent.

new ideas

One industry that is usually always exciting, and that seems to get a lot of new things continuously, is Internet Marketing, in particular Affiliate Marketing. There are always new programs and it is when they are new that they seem to really attract a lot of new business. They seem to come including more and more functionality every time.

Let’s face it the more things something includes the easier it is going to be to use it. In the distant past there were always the various parts that one needed to run a business, but figuring out how to

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Willing to Sacrifice to Start a Home Business?

This is a big question because the sacrifices you may be required to make may cover a lot of your life. For example are you willing to sacrifice your free time? Are you willing to sacrifice your spare change? It would be nice if these sacrifices would show a direct benefit immediately. However in most cases if you are new to Internet Marketing, it may take you a while to see anything in return for your sacrifice.

it's worth it

Pretty much anybody who ever tried to do anything significant has had to sacrifice something in order to get it. Very few things are ever delivered ‘on a silver platter’. However sometimes if you think ahead and have a long-range plan, you might mitigate the sense of having to give up something to get what you want.

This can be as simple as squirreling away $5 a week. That is less than or equal to one lunch out or one fancy coffee, and it adds up to

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Start an Online Business and Earn While You Learn

Starting a business online can be a unique opportunity that includes the very real possibility of earning while you are still learning. This is made possible mostly by affiliate marketing programs that will provide a ready-made web page for you to advertise and earn commissions. They also may have free training in Internet marketing and other resources available free.

learn 2 earn!

You are actually in business now even though you may not be really clear on what you need to do yet. So the idea is to do what you can. Every day you will learn something more, from the program as well as the Internet itself if you look. To whatever degree the program provides training, the combination of the resources they gave you, the training they provide and your own initiative to learn more is all you need to get a good start.

Many people learn much faster and more thoroughly by doing something

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Internet Marketing – How to Believe in What You Sell

There are a few good reasons to use the products or services that you are selling. The greatest reason is because that way you really can believe in what you are saying because you know it to be a fact. This goes such a long way – much farther than so-called ‘testimonials’ from others.

Believe it!

Another good reason to use the products you are selling is that when you have sold a certain amount then you can feel that you have paid for your own through those sales, versus taking the money out of your pocket. You often see ads that say ‘buy two get one free’ and ‘sell three yours is free’. Whether purely psychological or not it works.

It never hurts to know the ‘ins and outs’ of things so that you can give really thorough statistics, etc. when writing ad copy. The more actual facts you can come up with the better. Of course beyond yourself if you can cite othe

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Internet Marketing: Neuro-linguistic Programming

What in the world is Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)? Just a few quick references from Google so that we are on the same page.

Think UP

“NLP means Neuro Linguistic Programming. In other words, it is the way we communicate with ourselves. Neuro means “of the mind”. Linguistic is the study of language. Therefore NLP simply means that you can programme the language of your mind”.

“Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s”.

Now you may ask what on earth does this have to do with Internet Marketing? It can actually make the difference between success and failure –

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Be Free At Home

‘Free At Home’ – the best part of this meaning is you are free! You are working for you! You are spending your day on your terms, on your time. So starting right at the get-go, things are looking better than sitting in a traffic jam waiting to get stuck in your cubicle for 8-hours.

get off the wheel

One of the most unpleasant things about working at a job is being shocked into consciousness by an alarm clock every day. You are like a hamster on a wheel. As soon as the alarm goes off you are rushing around to meet your time constraints of being at work by an exact time after stressing that you won’t make it in traffic; then you must eat lunch at a certain time, and return by a set time. Then you will need to stay and work to a certain time, and hopefully not later.

You might notice there is no freedom to ‘live’ in this scenario. Where is your life?

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Internet Marketing = Intelligent Advertising

There are lots of forms of advertising on and off the Internet. However there is none that is so genius as that which is #1 permanent and #2 free. This refers to several different online mediums. Starting with old school forums, article directories and blogs and including a little more modern videos and social nets. Any of the above can be used absolutely free and the advertisement/link will continue to be displayed there in perpetuity.

work smart

Now that is smart especially when you compare it directly to other advertising which has parameters like number of times displayed or period of time displayed for X number of dollars. When your minutes or exposures are gone along with your dollars you are at square one with no advertising. Especially if there was little or no response, you are feeling burned; but you don’t give up and you pay again or you find another resource and

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The Evolution of Blogging

The original acronym ‘Blog’ stood for ‘Web Log’ and ‘personal ‘ or ‘documentary ‘ style blogging would suffice to define that genre as they are primarily catalogues of the life experiences of their author. There are many blogs today however that serve other functions. Although there are quite a few ‘artistic’ and ‘creative’ blogs that focus on collecting poetry and other forms of creative writing, the vast majority of personal blogs are in some sense documentaries.


What has evolved from a ‘documentary’ style, which usually would just mean an objective ‘reporting’ of current events or in some way an honest ‘review’, seems to be a definite movement towards using the blog platform to voice one’s opinions about the various life events that are no longer just ‘chronicled’. They can be scathing reviews! It seems the public loves drama and t

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Set up a Blogging Web Site Free

For first time bloggers, a free blogging web site is a great way to get started quickly and easily. Popular blogging websites like blogger (blogspot.com) allow users to set up and host a blog without paying any fees at all. There are limited options but it is not the bells and whistles that will give you the true value of using your blog. Your content will though.

get your blog on!

Being fast, easy and free should encourage people to start blogging, and that is all that really counts. So many opportunities are lost because people believe they do not have the skills necessary or they are not ‘technical’. Blogging platforms like Blogger do not require any particular expertise other than being capable of following the directions on a menu to set it up and then super easy to just dig in and start submitting blog posts.

Then there are those that are just sure they can’t write an

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